Heart Nails – Valentine’s Day

Cute heart nails for Valentine’s Day!


Holidays are great for nail art! Working in the health field, I don’t wear bright polish often and if I do, it’s usually during the weekend. Good thing Valentine’s Day this year lands on a Friday. This simple tutorial is perfect for a night out or a pampering night in. Here is a quick tutorial on heart nails:
What you need:
– 2 nail polish colors (I used red and pink)
– pointed toothpick
– nail polish remover
– cotton ball
– business card
Heart Nails - Valentine's
Remove any nail polish you have using nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Give yourself a manicure by trimming your nails and cuticles. Use the lighter color to paint a base coat. Let dry for 30 minutes. Don’t rush it or you may end up with nicks and smudges!
Place a drop of the darker color on a business card or paper. I like to use a business card because it’s thicker and the polish won’t seep through.
Dab a toothpick into the color and place two even dots on your nail.
Slowly drag the two dots down into a point to create a heart. You can continue to shape your heart while the polish is wet. If it isn’t to your liking, remove polish and try again.
After you finish, let dry and add a top coat to seal everything together. I kept mine bare since I will have to remove it for work in a couple days anyway 😦
If you aren’t fond of hearts, you can try colored dots for a different look. I added a new drop of nail polish and used the same toothpick to dot a straight line.
I added another line of dots.


Keep adding dots until the entire nail is filled. Mine took about 5 lines to fill my pinky.


 Good luck!


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