Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping Paper

DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping Paper

DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 7

What better way to give your well-thought-out present than with home-made gift wrapping paper? Ever find yourself going through your stash of wrapping paper only realizing you don’t have the perfect paper? I have wrapping paper for most occasions/holidays except Valentine’s Day. So, I decided to do it myself. Most of the items I used were found in my house from previous crafts. The only thing I purchased was the brown wrapping paper from Dollartree for $1. Whoo.

You will need:
  • sponge
  • brown wrapping paper cut to size
  • scissors
  • any color paint
  • ribbon/string
  • tape

DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrap Tutorial

Now, you can see that the photo I took was before I started the project. After a couple of failed attempts, I decided to go without the inkPAD, heart stamp, white paint. I really should’ve taken another photo with items I actually used.
My vision was to have medium sized burnt reddish hearts “stamped” on a large sheet of brown wrapping paper. I wanted my hearts to look vintage-y/rustic so I used the rough side of the sponge to get some texture.
Start by cutting a heart out of the sponge. I did it free-hand but feel free to trace your heart on card stock or cardboard then use that to trace it onto the sponge. The good thing is that you can create large, medium, or small hearts or even a mix of sizes to create your perfect gift wrap paper. Dip your sponge in a large drop of paint and give the sponge a few taps to disperse the paint.
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 15
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 10
It should cover the entire sponge but not be soaked. Test it on scratch paper to make sure it’s to your liking. Add more paint if needed.
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 14
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 13
Roll out your wrapping paper on a hard surface. Then, stamp your heart out. I had to reload on paint every few stamps.
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 12
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 11
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 9
After you’ve covered your sheet of wrapping paper, set aside to let dry. I gave it 20 minutes before wrapping my gifts. I added white string to attempt the rustic look, although twine would’ve been a better choice. The red string really brought out the color in the hearts.
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 8
To make a card for your Valentine, fold an index card in half. Cut a “tear drop” at the fold so that when unfolded, you have a heart.
DIY Heart Tag 6
Place the heart on top of your card. With a round sponge dip it into your paint of choice. Again, I picked red.
DIY Heart Stamp
Lightly dab along the edge of the heart.
DIY Heart Tag 4
I also strayed from the heart to add “speckles” throughout the card.
DIY Heart Tag 3
Wait about 30 seconds then remove the heart. Voila!
DIY Heart Tag 2
DIY Heart Tag
DIY Heart Stamped Gift Wrapping 8
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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