Thank You Wedding Sign

If you’ve been following me, you know that I’d been working on a few DIY projects for my friend’s wedding. The last of the DIY was a Thank You sign she asked me to make. She wanted to hold the sign during her photoshoot with her wedding photographer and use the picture as her thank you card. Very cute idea. Did I mention the wedding was in Arizona? The sign was easy to make… figuring out how to transport it was a bit more complicated.

She sent me a picture she found through a google search. She basically told me “Cursive writing, swirls, and my wedding colors.” I used it as my inspiration to create her Thank You sign using green and blue.

This is the google image she sent me:


First I mimicked the font from the Google image using a pencil.
Thank You Wedding Sign
After making sure it was exactly how I wanted it, I used two Sharpies to trace my pencil markings.
Thank You Wedding Sign
I did this on a poster board so that I would be able to roll it up and placed it into a poster tube to carry it on my flight. When I got to Arizona, I purchased a white foam board, cut it to the size slightly smaller than the poster board, and glued it on. (Make sure you use a glue stick vs. liquid glue… I learned that the hard way!) Well anyway, I was distracted with last minute wedding prep and I totally forgot to bring the sign to the venue the day of the wedding! I left it at another bridesmaid’s house and by the time I remembered the sign, it was too late. We were about to make our grand entrance into the reception. So sadly, I do not have any professional pics of the sign but here is what it looked like before I rolled it into a tube…
Thank You Wedding Sign
Sigh. So disappointed in myself.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Wedding Sign

  1. I’m sorry it didn’t make it for the big day, I bet that was disappointing! However, I’m really impressed with your free hand version of the sign! I’m always a little jealous of people who can do such lovely writing. It’s really great!
    Bridget ;>}

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