Pretty Floral Nails

I attended a garden-themed baby shower for a good friend of mine and wanted something festive and spring-y. For the first time I tried bright coral with accent floral nails. The mom-to-be asked me to paint her nails too so I “practiced” on myself the night before. I’m such a procrastinator πŸ™‚ I used quite a few colors for these nails but you can use as many or as few as you want. **I’m going to apologize now for the horrible lighting on most of these pictures!

Pretty Floral Nails

I used Revlon – Minted and Essie – Turquoise and Caicos for the leaves, Essie – Β for the first coat and Wet n Wild – Blazed for the second coat.

Pretty Floral Nails

I painted my ring and thumb nails in two coats of NYC – Fashion Safari for the floral base coat. For the mom-to-be I used the same base polish as the rest of her nails. I used two colors for the flowers to give it some dimension. I mixed NYC – Fashion Safari to Sally Hansen – Rose Wine to dull the pink a little bit.

Pretty Floral Nails

Then I used a pen (a bobby pin or a dotting tool works well) to create 5 blobs on the accent nail where I want my flowers to go.

Pretty Floral Nails

Then I used Wet n Wild – Blazed to add dimension to my flowers.

Pretty Floral Nails

Next, I mixed Essie – Turquoise & Caicos and Revlon – Minted to create the shade of green I wanted.

Pretty Floral Nails

Pretty Floral Nails

It didn’t come out exactly like I wanted but it looks better if you squint πŸ™‚

Pretty Floral Nails

Pretty Floral NailsAnd here is the pic of the mom-to-be’s nails. I used Essie – Under Where for the base color, Essie – Secret Stash (the darker pink), Revlon – Apricot Nectar (this is part of the Parfumerie line…it smells really good!), LA Colors – Teal (unnamed), and a shimmery mermaid-green color.IMG_6973




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